About Us

Montanos’ Chocolate Company Ltd is a family owned and operated chocolate and chocolate product company based in Trinidad and Tobago.

We started with our hearts in it. In 2014, we entered the local market with our “Happy Nation” 50g bar as a Carnival and Valentine’s Day promotion. We have learned a lot since then. We have grown and we have made some adjustments. We are currently ranked as the second best indigenous chocolate bar and we are ready to share our flavours with the world.

Take a bite. Our single origin bar is made from Trinitario cocoa beans and has three (3) simple ingredients: sun dried cocoa nibs, cocoa butter and Demarara brown sugar. NO dairy. NO nuts. NO preservatives. NO emulsifiers. NO mold inhibitors.

We are in this together. Montanos’ Chocolate Co. Ltd (MCCL) is focused on protecting the environment, building our community, raising our youth, sharing our culture and women development, with the aim of opening new avenues for economic growth.

We visit cocoa growing communities to share our knowledge and  learn from their experiences, building the networks necessary for the revitalization of our local cocoa industry.

Our CEO, Machel Jesus Montano, is our celebrity brand ambassador. He loves our chocolates and is also a practicing vegan who believes in promoting the brand as a healthy choice.

We have a vision to produce the best bar for your body. Our aim is to produce high quality chocolate and chocolate products and to continue to contribute to a sustainable local cocoa industry.